Our Services

Service Summary

Our Expertise covers a full range of japan immigration issues, from temporary visa for visiting purposes to employment visa, business visa, permanent residency and naturalization application.

We will assist you at every stage of the process from filing the application and monitoring its process to helping you for immigration interview if one is required.

Each application is thoroughly studied, meticulously prepared, and professionally presented to the immigration authorities in a way that best highlights the merits of the applicant.  


Service 1

Working visa

Service 2

Permanent residency

Service 3

Naturalization (Getting Japanese passport)

Service 4

Dependent visa

Service 5

Marriage/Divorce in japan

Spouse visa

Service 6

Business management visa (Includes company establishment)

Administrative procedures for business(permission, registration, report etc)

Service 7

Over stay (special permission to stay)

Service flow for a typical visa application

Step 1

Please contact me by telephone or by email or by sending a message to our Facebook page

Share your concerns with us.

Let's decide the day to meet.

(facebook page) https://

Step 2

Let’s have face-to-face consultation. 

Let’s Explain your specific situation.

Step 3

We will present a contract with exact amount of fee indicated.

If you agree with the terms and conditions, let’s make a contract. 

Step 4 

Collect all the necessary documents. 

You  can send your documents by post mail too.  

We will prepare application documents based on the information you supply.  

The documents you submit to the immigration bureau or the local governments, however, must be written in Japanese.

we prepare your documents in Japanese and explain in easy Japanese or easy Korean or easy English.

Please sign your document after fully understanding what is written there.

Step 5

We will submit your application to immigration bureau.  

Step 6

we receive a post card of the result from the immigration bureau.

we will pick up your new residence card and pass it to you. 



We believe that it is very important that the documents is based on truth. Therefore, fake documents cannot be prepared.

Keep in your mind we will keep only legal way and according to the rules and regulations of immigration. 


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