Gyouseisyosi Sun Sougoujimusyo

Japanese Immigration Lawyers Office

Do you need professionals’ help?


Many of you submit your visa applications by yourselves and get good results. 

Certainly a simple cases would still be possible.


However laws of Japan are written in Japanese.  

In addition,the Japanese government and organizations in Japan supply most of their information in Japanese.  

In other words, there is a problem of Japanese as well as knowledge of immigration law.

So if you have any concerns, troubles,  problems, complicated situations, it is better to hire an immigration lawyer. 


 The immigration law of Japan allows certain groups of professionals to prepare your application documents and submit them.  

We immigration lawyers are one of them. 


Please make your appointment in advance In order to provide you with the best possible service. 

We want to meet you in person at the first consultation.


thank you.


The location is near Nagoya Immigration Bureau

1 Our office supports foreigners staying in Japan.

2 Our office cope with application to Immigration Bureau (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, etc). 

3 Near Nagoya Station!

4 3 minutes walk from Nagoya Station.

Our Specialties

Our specialties are:

1 status of residence in Japan (Japanese visa)

・working visa 

・business management visa (Includes company establishment)

・long-term visa 

・spouse visa 

・dependent visa, etc.

2 permanent residency 

3 naturalization(citizenship of Japan、getting Japanese passport) 

4 marriage/divorce registration 

5 document translation

・(between Korean and Japanese)

・(English to Japanese) 

Client Country Name

America、Iran、Indonesia、Ghana、Korea、Sri Lanka、China、Turkey、Nepal、Pakistan、Bangladesh、Philippines、Brazil、France、Vietnam、Myanmar、Peru、 etc


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