If your visa application has been rejected

1-The main goal of the content

  • Whoever applies from now on
  • Whoever had applied but has been rejected
  • Person who asked for cheap plan (with less support) at another office. However, the person who was eventually decided to do it by myself because  was disapproved.

If you are looking at this content, are you probably someone who "apply from now" or "I applied for myself but was disapproved"?

We also accept consultation of "case the applicant was not permitted to Immigration Bureau." 

If you are thinking about reapplying, please consult "SUN Sougou Jimusyo".

We solve your troubles with experience-based advice.

2-Applied yourself unfortunately rejected! What can we do in this case?

First, check next points.

(1)-How did you apply?

Almost all people who usually come for this consultation, say "I did myself", "Because I saw a friend's document, I made the same document and applied."

Certainly, if the "applicant himself applies", the cost will be cheaper compared to asking a immigration lawyer.

However, such people explain the same content as their friends and make documents with the same content as their friends.


But this is a big mistake.

In the cases, the possibility of rejection is high.

Because the explanatory content and material listed content attached to the application  is created for the “applicant only”. 

(2)-Two main reasons for rejection

① One of the main reason is the case that not matchable with immigration law from the beginning stage.This is a case that you should not apply from the beginning because you have not met the legal requirements.

In this case, even if you want to ask an immigration lawyer, the experienced immigration lawyer will refuse.


② The second reason is the case that "it is likely to be permitted but not permitted".

There are many cases in this, but there are many cases such as explanations other than points, lack of explanations, misleading explanations, and submission of inappropriate documents.


In general, once rejected, permission for re-application will be difficult.

That is because the data of the first non-permission application content remains.

If the person re-apply, permission will be difficult unless the content of the application is reviewed and re-started from the beginning.


However, In second case, if you consult with an experienced immigration lawyer, you will have the opportunity to recover the failed explanations and documents and obtain permission.


In this way, if you are anxious about your own application and you want to increase the possibility of permission, it is better to consult an immigration lawyer from the beginning stage.

3-Visit the immigration office

(1) First of all you have to find out the reason of rejection.

I think in your reason letter, there is not written all the reason of rejection.

almost all foreign people can not able to understand the reason of rejection.

first we need to directly go to immigration office and have to ask to the immigration officer.

(2) Necessary points during the conversation with immigration officer!

① there in not any personal sympathy with immigration and immigration officers.

In proceedings, you were rejected.

the most important things is there is not any possibility to change your rejected result into success result by your request.

You have to follow the legal way according to immigration office and you should only ask for legal points.

② there is only one chance to ask the immigration officer about your case. Therefore, the success or failure of the next process will depend upon the officer hints and statement.

③ Without knowledge of the procedure, this opportunity cannot be used effectively.

(These all things are very important while applying the rejection case)

(3)-Is the immigration officer responsible for briefly explaining the reasons for refusal?

if you have such a kinds of thinking that is your mistake.

immigration officer won't explain easily and clearly the reason of rejection.

That is why, if there is such a misunderstanding problem, we will go together in the immigration office and will ask the detail reason of rejection reasons.

If you have this types of problem, you can consult with me

  • your visa is rejected once time but is there chance to get visa?
  • if you can't consult yourself with immigration officer due to language problems.
  • if you are totally unknown about the reason rejection.
  • if you are already visited the immigration office but couldn't understand the reason of rejection.


Our Support contents

Includes the following

  • Advance consultation
  • Accompany to immigration office
  • Attend consultation in immigration office
  • Subsequent explanation
  • Advice for re-application

Re-application support

Repeating inappropriate applications should not be repeated.

if your document is rejected already, your record will be in immigration office archive center for long time.

it has a bad effect on you.

this is also another reason of rejection.


We will give you good ideas and legal way to get visa for rejected people.

but keep in your mind this is only legal way and according to the rules and regulations of immigration.

it is better to apply finding the reason of rejection.

even if your visa is rejected, Don't give up.


Try to find out the better legal way and you can apply again.

these all kinds of supports is available in our office and we always give you good advice and legal way.


Our Support contents

Includes the following

  • Advance consultation
  • Accompany to immigration office
  • Attend consultation in immigration office
  • Subsequent explanation
  • Advice for re-application
  • Re-application procedure

So feel free to contact us!

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